Winter : I was sick and depressed.
Spring : Impossible to sleep at night, I swam, I clumb, I walked. I wrote this in my notebook* (read it later)
Summer : My heart broked. I knew it will last. I went walking.
Autumn : I moved to an other city, phoned my friends.

1) Sometimes I make lists of things that are fashionable in the pictures/(@in the w0rld@)
2) Often, when I draw a good picture. First I think it's ugly. Then (sometimes 30sec, sometimes 1 day, sometimes 1 month) I love it. (@✷hOme) and it begins to inspire me.
3) This year I learned to draw longer in the same picture. Keep the same paper and don't throw it away when the line is not satisfying. Do holes, put white, re-do the lines. I found it vituous.
4) What make us think something is clear and obvious "easy to do", IT IS NOT FOR THE OTHERS. This is where things get extremly personal.(@✭✷hOme)

Today is winter again. There is sun outside. I have a broken heart forever, coffee in the morning, good friends and family, strong love, clouds of different shapes, music, drawings. I have a hOme to write my stories and a W0rld to share with you.

I am happy. Hope you are gonna enjoy my popsongs.

Love you,